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We all are surrounded by productivity killers in our daily life. Even though we are trying our best to be productive, we may get caught by them. In my personal life, I have tried so many things to get rid of these killers. During this really long process, I have found some effective ways to stop being nonproductive and tried to apply these methods to my life. I am still experimenting on some of the new ones but I wanted to share with you the ones I am completely satisfied.

Also, the best thing about this post is that I am not going to talk about the productivity killers one by one. I have better and time-saving solutions for you. I am going to give you the best methods for all types of productivity killers to get rid of them for all types of people and lives.

So let’s get started.

1. Writing really helps your productivity.

You. must. write. (or type to your mobile device)

Writing is really the best way to spend the whole time of your life as productive as much as it can be. If you write you’ll remember better. In this way, you are going to put something which is important for you to the front in your life. The most important thing about writing is that it is going to motivate you. Motivation brings success. Do not forget that. So, you can;

  • Write what you should do
  • Write what you get to finish
  • Write what you need to remember
  • Write your dreams, goals, and motivations of your life

Now, I am going to recommend to you the most important thing about writing.

Write about what you have done in one day.

It does not have to be like a journal. Some people don’t like to keep a journal (like me). I am literally talking about writing exactly what you have done in a day, which works you have finished, or where did you go and for what purpose. This is really important. Because knowing how you spend a day will increase your awareness and eventually your productivity. Please try that. You are going to see the difference.

2. Have a ‘quick ideas’ notebook for productivity.

This is really crucial. Quick ideas feed your productivity. Keeping them any time you need in a notebook (or in the notes in your phone) maintains it. If you are going to use a notebook it might be better if it would be small and portable. Because it should go everywhere you go. You are going to see it increases your productivity by the end of the day.

3. Do one thing at a time.

Please stop multitasking. Push yourself to be not distracted by any other things at a time while working on something. Do not try to do another thing with something that you are currently doing. This is the biggest productivity killer ever.  

Especially you must have faced with this kind of situation while you are working on your computer. I am completely sure that all people who are reading this post right now must have experienced that they open so many pages on their computer and they even don’t remember what they were doing at the beginning and they are now doing a completely different thing at the end. Stop opening new pages or going one page to another unless you do not really need. Done with one page and then go to another.

This was one example. Try to apply this rule to your life if you want to be productive. Multitasking is a productivity killer.

4. Have a regular sleeping time.

This is important because your life has been shaping around your sleeping hours. Almost we all have an idea about the necessity to sleep enough, not less or not too much. I will not go into detail about the harmful effects of sleeping less or more. I am just going to say that sleeping hours are the most important factor which affects your productivity. Also, I am sure that you must be experienced this at least ones in your life, don’t you?

In order to improve your productivity;
  1. Try to have a specific time to go to bed and wake up in the morning.
  2. Try to sleep equal hours each day. (e.g. 7-8 hours a day)
  3. Try to go to bed early and wake up early.

Why? Because mainly your body needs that. Your body needs to know how long you are gonna sleep when you are gonna sleep and wake up and make it your daily body routine. All of your body is affected by this. Your brain. Even all your cells and your genes. Scientific studies have shown that your body clock (circadian rhythm) is affected by your sleeping habits and body clock manly affects everything in your body. Your hormones, the expression levels of the genes in your cells, your metabolism. EVERYTHING. In 2017, 3 scientists who work on circadian rhythm won Nobel Prize for physiology or medicine. You can search for it. There are lots of studies about this hot topic.

If you are wondering how much sleep you need in a day, you can check the website of National Sleep Foundation to get all the information about sleep.

As you can guess, your sleeping habit is going to have an impact on your productivity if you consider all of those I just said.

5. Prioritize your goals/ plans/ to do’s.

Sometimes you just don’t know where to start when you have lots of things to do. This kills your productivity and increases your stress. Also, stress is not good in terms of being productive.

What is going to save you then: PRIORITIZING!

Your goals, dreams, plans, to do’s need to be prioritized in order to increase your productivity and have a productive life. So, try to apply to prioritize to your everyday life and see the differences.


This was the all I want to talk about. These ones were crucial for me and needed to be considered for all type of people and all type of lives in my opinion. Do you agree with me and have any suggestions on this topic? Share with me if you have 🙂

See you until the next time.