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Hello there!

We are twin sisters, Merve and Aylin, living in Istanbul, Turkey. We are both molecular biologists and doing our Masters at the field of Molecular Medicine. Science has been always a very big part of our lives since our childhood. This passion dragged us these days and opened the roads for us to be scientists.

Rather than science, our lives have been occupied with the passion of art, design, photography and exploring the world.

Even though we are academically educated in science, we neither have an academic proficient on art nor design. Our interest by time on these subjects naturally forced us to learn the technicality behind these areas. So, here we are as both self-taught artists and designers creating things we like and sharing them with the world. Our favorite thing about self-learning process is that the accessibility of information and potential possibility of improving required skills on your own. Also, I cannot help saying that our strong curiosity with our special talent made everything much more enjoyable.

Join our adventure in this creative process!

Meet the Team

twinsdo merve


Illustrator & Street Photographer

She enjoys this life by making art and doing photography. She has a great passion for traveling and seeing all the colors of the world. She likes trying different mediums when it comes to art like gouache, watercolors and acrylics. Gouache is the favorite medium of her. She loves so badly making dreamy gouache paintings and enjoys so much every second of the process. She loves to paint from original photographs and represent the memories in a different way of art. She is available for comission works.

@mervedemisken on instagram

twinsdo aylin


Designer & Street Photographer

She goes crazy when it comes to design. She enjoys so much playing with illustrations which Merve creates. Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign are the best friends of her. Her biggest dream is traveling all over the world and take so many street photographs. She is a WordPress monster and loves to setup and design WordPress websites. She designs everything that needs to go to print like postcards, business cards, posters and etc. Especially, designing creative calendars and planners is her favorite process. She is available for freelance design works.

@aleladebicool on instagram


If you would like to learn more and find out the possibilities of commission works and collaborations or you have any questions or suggestions, you can get in touch by sending an email or using the contact form below. We will back to you at the shortest!


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